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Father’s Day 2023 Reminder

Since 2009, The Child Development Center has cared for thousands of children with special needs, and Autism Spectrum Disorder has been the prevailing diagnosis. The success that we have achieved in so many thousands of children is always tempered by the reality that...

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Children – The Doctors’ Dilemma

May 18, 2021 "Hey Google, is it ok to give the COVID-19 vaccination to people who have autoimmune conditions?" Answer: "According to the CDC 4 days ago, People with autoimmune conditions may receive a COVID-19 vaccine. However, they should be aware that no data are...

AutismDoctor Literature 2020 Review

Each month throughout the year, I flag research that pertains to my understanding and how I practice the complicated world of childhood developmental medicine. There are many articles to be considered, but this synopsis focuses on human studies. Here is how the OTHER...

A Cholesterol – Autism Connection

There isn't one presentation of autism. Plus, there are multiple causes of the childhood developmental challenge that is characterized by certain behaviors and communication delays known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Symptoms are often linked to underlying conditions;...

How to Choose a Pediatrician – The Modern Version

The New York Times recently published their version of "How to Choose the Right Pediatrician". That was great advice for the last century. Web-savvy parents being more knowledgable than co-authors Prof. Chang and Dr. Wilkerson gave due credit, my estimation of what...

TheAutismDoctor’s COVID-19 Back-To-School Matrix

As with most adults during this quarantining/social-distancing era, mornings begin by reading some periodical(s) concerning the pandemic, and where we are supposed to go to work today... or, if there is a job to go to? Oh, and what about the kids, the therapies, the...


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