There should be a moratorium on ALL of this company’s medications/vaccinations UNTIL they are proven safe – not the other way around.

I am furious! If you haven’t seen it, please take a look at the 60 Minutes episode Bad Medicine: The Glaxo Case. This is the company that makes most of our vaccines and many of the medications that we so blithely administer to our children.

The episode chronicled the case of a quality control worker at Glaxo Smith Kline who got in trouble for telling her superiors that there were tragic drug mix-ups and contamination at their plant in Puerto Rico. Her whistleblower lawsuit eventually led to Glaxo pleading “guilty to a felony. It admitted it distributed ‘adulterated drugs Paxil CR, Avandamet (a diabetes drug), Kytril (a drug given to cancer patients), and Bactroban.’ All together, the company paid $750 million to settle the criminal conviction and Eckard’s suit.”

This is so wrong on so many levels that it boggles the mind. It begins with Ms. Cheryl Eckard’s inquiries in 2002 following a discovery by an 8 year old’s grandmother that the wrong pills were in her grandson’s bottle of paxil (you conventional doctors who think paxil is OK for a child ought to re-think your position – no one ever got sick from a GF/CF diet).

Grandma was chastised for her continued concern (which meant that bad medicines were still being pumped out to the public) and only when her lawyers sued on behalf of the government (Medicare funds) did any changes begin to occur. Glaxo made a profit of close to a trillion dollars last year and paid a fine that of less than 1% of that. It was merely the cost of doing business to them. Ian McCubbin, a senior vice president from Glaxo headquarters in London said that he didn’t even KNOW who Ms. Eckard (whistleblower) WAS! Your company just settled a felony conviction for ¾ of a billion dollars and you don’t know who set that in motion? Either he is a liar or a billion dollars doesn’t mean that much. Probably both, huh? And, what happened to the management that allowed this – excuse me – encouraged this activity? Umm… no one really knows. I bet that they are all still out there “preventing” another occurrence by hiding stuff better.

“Would you say that the company was chastened by all of this?” the 60 minute interviewer asked.
“No, I’d say the company was very disappointed that this occurred and that we regret that this occurred. But we’ve learned from it. And what you learn from, you become stronger,” McCubbin replied. So, Mr. McCubbin doesn’t know what “chastened” means.

You know when your pediatrician says, “There are no studies to show that the vaccinations are related to autism”? Well, what if, once in a while, the vaccine is contaminated? What if it is occasionally the wrong dose, or the wrong kind? What study would pick that up, if you are looking at hundreds of thousands of doses? How do we know that the company is keeping us safe if the supervisor is firing those who protest? We don’t. There should be a moratorium on ALL of this company’s medications/vaccinations UNTIL they are proven safe – not the other way around.

What’s wrong here is that the Glaxo scientists and salesmen tell our government’s overworked, underpaid staff what to do and how to do it. It’s insanity to believe that profit does not drive the process, but we believe that safety and “good health” are the motives. Who do I trust? I trust this whistleblower lady. Put HER in a government position. I believe ME, because I do this medical practice because I love the patients and I have the time and resources to do a great job. But mostly I believe the parents.

When a mother says something is not right with her child, something is not right.

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