Experts agree that the best improvements occur in an environment that combines established behavioral therapies with the appropriate emerging functional medicine protocols.

What can families do to treat their child’s autism successfully?
Changing the world of successful autism & ADHD treatment…
Stories from a board-certified pediatrician, neonatologist, and developmental specialist representing nearly 50 years of practice experience.


There are many other blogs, social networking sites, and Internet communities where information and advice are offered for the various behaviors that are assigned to Autism Spectrum Disorder. These are Dr. Brian Udell’s stories. They are from the point of view of a traditionally trained pediatrician, Board Certified in Pediatrics and Neonatology, with over 45 years of experience, including complicated childhood conditions.

Dr. Udell has been practicing Functional and Integrative Pediatric Medicine at The Child Development Center of America since 2009.

These essays and discussions are presented to help inject a voice of reason, knowledge and experience into the polarized world of autism diagnosis and treatment.

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TheAutismDoctor’s COVID-19 Back-To-School Matrix

As with most adults during this quarantining/social-distancing era, mornings begin by reading some periodical(s) concerning the pandemic, and where we are supposed to go to work today... or, if there is a job to go to? Oh, and what about the kids, the therapies, the...

Video Games FOR ADHD – Are You Kidding?

Appearing recently in the well-respected British medical journal, The Lancet, was this parent-shattering oxymoron, "A novel digital intervention for actively reducing severity of paediatric ADHD (STARS-ADHD): a randomised controlled trial." I have to speak up here! If...

Notes on an Epidemic 2 – Not COVID-19

In order to continue to assist the ever-growing population of developmentally different patient, Quarantine has often led our practice down the road of virtual visits. At each interview, I have asked the parents and children what they liked best?, and what was the...

Notes on an Epidemic – Not COVID-19

From CDC Data & Statistics on Autism Spectrum Disorder – 2018 Data What is the best way for medical experts to get ahead of this modern pandemic? This very website,, has provided my most fruitful research since opening The Child Development Center...

Autism Literature Review 2019

JanuaryPrenatal Exposure to Air Pollutants Linked With Increased Incidence of AutismNitrogen oxide pollution is emitted from vehicle exhaust, and the burning of coal, oil, diesel fuel, and natural gas, especially from electric power plants. They are also emitted by...

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The Child Development Center focuses on the various presentations of childhood development, noting the alarming increase of children who are on the Autism Spectrum. The therapies are a combination of traditional pediatric medicine, plus newer protocols, now under the direction of The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs.

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