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Autism Review 2013

Autism Review 2013

Here is this year’s crop of stories (listed in Medical News Today) that I consider to be the most informative, interesting, and likely to change the knowledge base concerning the epidemic of childhood signs and symptoms presently called Autism Spectrum Disorder....
Vitamin B12, Reflux and Autism

Vitamin B12, Reflux and Autism

Periodic subcutaneous injection of methyl B12 is one of the most effective treatments for many children presenting with ASD. The vitamin improves autistic signs such as speech apraxia, ‘fog’, and low muscle tone. This therapy often addresses downstream...
Pediatric Special Needs Include Autism

Pediatric Special Needs Include Autism

Recounting events that take place over just a couple of days at The Child Development Center provides me with the opportunity to paint a picture* about state-of-the-art medical care for complicated pediatric development. This is a newly emerging specialty, which is...
Speaking of Autism Speaks

Speaking of Autism Speaks

There has been a controversy brewing lately, involving the organization Autism Speaks. Facing a Congressional audience to address the epidemic, Suzanne Wright, co-founder and major contributor, expressed what has been categorized as inaccurate, overstated, or alarmist...
Books About Autism cont’d

Books About Autism cont’d

Occasionally, texts appear that are so compelling, they are assigned to my Official Autism Library. The scientific stuff can be found in medical journals. These are stories about how people think, what they think about, and about their lives. What makes them really...
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