Tenacious dads. Concerned dads. Curious, watchful, insightful. Patient.
Sometimes, not so patient.
Hard working dads. Smart, trying anyway. Good husbands, trying anyway.
Sometimes, it’s working.
Miniature cars. Trains. Crayons. Getting them in just the right order.
Spinning. Wheels. Fans. The child.
Catch. Football. Soccer.
Maybe, have to wait a little while.
Education. Vacation. Camp.
Movies. Computers. iPads. iPad Apps.
Wii. xBox. Video games.
On to another activity.
Doctors. Appointments. Medications. Therapies.
Money. Money. Money. More money.
Smiles. Chase. Toys. Bouncing.
Lots of bouncing.
Swimming. Horseback riding. Pet turtle.
Dr. Udell’s fish tank.
Golfing FORE autism. Sailing at Tigertail. Bowling.
Sensory friendly films. Thanks, Autism Society.
Cheeseburgers. Pizza. Mac & cheese. P&J.
GF/CF – Are these French Fries OK?
Sisters, brothers, grandparents, in-laws, cousins.
Precious few friends. 
Homework. Practice. Play. 
Worrying. Teaching. Learning.

 It’s all good. You’re a great Dad.

Happy Fathers Day

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