For a variety of reasons, I don’t give many lectures anymore. I really enjoy examining patients and interviewing families, so I don’t want to spend time away from that. Also, as opposed to premature babies, but more like my experience with HIV, the topic is controversial and so my practice is what’s important, not quibbling with other professionals’ opinions in a public forum.

Therefore, I choose friendly venues where the audience is seeking advice. I recently spoke to a group of psychologists in our area with whom I share some patients. They had the opportunity to learn about my workup, and I had the chance to visit their office and explore their concerns. I also speak to educators, administrators and therapists who wish to help their clients.

Once a year, under the auspices of the Autism Society of America – Broward Chapter, I am able to actually speak to parents who aren’t my patients. I get feedback, alternative views, and skeptics. The largest percentage of the audience is frequently made up of mostly seasoned vets from The Autism Wars, so I try to provide information that they might NOT have already heard.

This week’s blog is only this: I will be presenting the Latest Autism Research on November 14, 2012 at the Achievement and Rehabilities Center, here in Sunrise, Florida. I really don’t say the same things at presentations as I do in blogs. I feel that I get to speak my mind more, specifically my personal thoughts, because I don’t have to be so careful about stepping on others’ opinions. The audience can speak up if they feel I have presented in error, plus the questions and answers that follow help clear up any complications.

The yearly presentation gives me a chance to advertise for this wonderful organization (ASA- Broward Chapter), which provides real assistance to the autism community; such as sensory friendly films, yoga, services for adults, Golfing fore Autism, Moms’ Luncheons, camp scholarships and more.

For this year’s lecture, the audience will get acquainted with the science of the genetics and environment which surrounds autism, then be presented the most pertinent literature regarding treatment.

So, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by at 7PM on Wednesday, November 14, 2012.  It wil be entertaining at least, and instructional at best.

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