I’m writing this little post to let my loyal readership (thank you all, by the way) know that we’ve been pretty busy lately at the Child Development Center. Since Thanksgiving, I have had the opportunity to examine and help many new patients; plus, this is a time when the most difficult behavioral problems seem to arise (school, weather, the food, perhaps?). These next couple of posts are taking more of my resources than I had expected. Of course, that is as it should be. If helping to fix autism were easy, all doctors would do it!

May I suggest reading last year’s holiday blog at http://www.theautismdoctor.com/coping-with-the-holidays/ ?. That was one of my first posts about dealing with the events of the season. I still like it.

So, I have, sort of, ‘covered’ the holidays, literary-wise. Regardless of the season, what parents of affected children think about – a lot – is, how to help their child? In that vein, I wish to report that I am working on it, too. Families should continue to hope, because there are many more interested professionals out here among the population and doing research in universities, who wish to assist you in your search for a cure.

The topics that I have been studying for my next posts are very complicated. Specifically, I am trying to address Stem Cell Transplants and Oxytocin usage. It is taking a bit of time to really delve into the research and let families know my thoughts and advice about what they should do regarding these popular new therapies. Alternative treatments each require a scientific, medical and holistic understanding to provide parents with an explanation that best applies to each particular child.

I’m writing to say that I am late.

Stay tuned… I’m getting there. Thanks for your patience.

And please, keep reading.

Brian D. Udell MD