Six years ago, I dedicated this post to all of the incredible Mothers who deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the associated symptoms, every day. Thousands of patients later, my feelings are even more heartfelt.
You are not alone.

We are not alone.
We’re not seeking miracle cures, just little miracles.

I wish that I had more time for
My affected child, the other kid(s), my husband, myself.

Something is just not right with my child, I wish we could figure it out.
She doesn’t speak at all. If she would just say “yes” once in a while.

There used to be some words, but now there’s not even eye contact.
When do you think she will say “mama” and mean it?

If he would only get ready in the morning, Such a battle.
If he could only remember what he just read.

Kids should have friends.
When do you think he will be able to play with his sister?

The family doesn’t’ seem to understand our problems.
We haven’t taken a vacation since…

I wish she wasn’t so disruptive in school.
If we could just figure out how to get him to focus.

He keeps saying the same thing over and over.
Those ‘stims’ are driving us crazy.

If we could all only get a good night’s sleep.
He has had diarrhea ever since I can remember.

He eats so little, I’m afraid he’s not getting enough.
She seems to be sick all of the time.

I wish she would stop biting her arms.
I wish he would stop hitting his mom.

If the doctors would only figure out what is wrong. If they would only listen.
How is my child going to make it in: preK, K, first grade, middle school, high school, life?

We’re not looking for miracle cures, just little miracles.

The numbers of affected children continue to go up, not down. By combining traditional therapeutic interventions, modern scientific techniques, and a holistic approach to patient care, we have addressed many of these concerns for a multitude of families. The staff at The Child Development Center will continue to assist children affected with this modern epidemic, seek answers, and provide relief whenever possible.

Thank you to our Warrior Moms who continue to fight through such difficult times.


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