Miracle Mineral Solution Treatment for Autism

I hadn’t really expected MMS to gain any traction as a viable autism treatment. It seems complicated and scary, and the FDA first issued a warning about it four years ago. Perhaps there is no measurable re-emergence, but it seemed so when I attended the Autism Today Second Conference in Miami this week.

I sat among eighty mostly-bewildered parents, representing children who are so affected that they are attracted to outlier theories and treatments. This is largely because the information supplied by the conventional medical community is so woefully inaccurate, incomplete, and unproductive for many patients.

Due to some scheduling glitches, this conference ended up focusing on the very controversial topic of MMS. The treatment was explained by Ms. Kerri Rivera, “a biomedical consultant for an autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta,” and mother of recovered child. Her experience was then authenticated by Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, inventor of “The Parasite Protocol,” which is an essential element in the therapy.

The Chlorine Dioxide Protocol is not about bleaching your kid. That was the first message. Well, it’s not about making your intestines white, but the word does mean “to sterilize.” Anyway, that refers to sodium hypochlorite, according to Ms. Rivera, not the chemical that MMS is utilizing. In that sense, it’s not about dipping your child in Clorox. Except that Chlorine dioxide is used in “stripping textiles and industrial water treatment,” and it does involve purging and cleaning the “excess of pathogens.”

  • The diet – organic vegetables and meats. GF/CF/SF/sugar free (especially fruits).
  • Supplements – Stay away from all anti-oxidants.
  • Main Ingredient – Ocean water and acid (lemon juice, e.g.), to make a dilute solution of Chlorine Dioxide.
  • How it is administered – Doses and administration depending on a pre-established protocol, plus alterations depending on symptoms and response to treatment. In the gut, it is supposed to remove the biofilm and so expose organisms that get flushed through the G-I tract. Breathed into the lungs, it addresses asthma and bronchitis. The cutaneous route helps eliminate bad skin cooties and detoxify. Enemas and rectal suppositories to directly address lower intestinal issues. There is also and Eye and Ear spray form.
  • What happens – The elimination of bad bacteria (and, admittedly some good ones – but they have a product to fix that), viruses, fungi, and worms. Lots of worms. Plenty of worm pics. Worms that no laboratory in the world, apparently, can document.
  • Acceptable additional treatments listed as HBOT, chemical chelation and GcMAF, probiotics, l-carnosine, carnitine, plant fatty acids, GABA, digestive enzymes, tryptophan, DMG and TMG (the last 2 are anti-oxidant precursors).
  • She claims to have helped over 6000 families, and 131 cases of patients losing the diagnosis.

The ‘Parasite protocol’ was presented by Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, who recommends Chlorine Dioxide treatment.  He lists his credentials as, “… first licensed in economics and later in biophysics and alternative health (Ph.D).” Addendum – I found other evidence that he received a Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine and Natural biophysics from the Open University of Advanced Sciences Inc., which is a fake diploma mill based in Florida, but lists Spain as the main address.
Although his German accent is compelling, the science that he presented was not. He listed the symptoms of parasites and noted similarities to many autistic behaviors (?cause and effect?). He claims that his key discovery was that regressive autism is due to “Parasitological Vaccinosis“. That term describes toxins that are later released by parasites in susceptible children who become vaccinated.
“Dr.” K made many grand overstatements, using real research papers that only prove the one point, frequently mixing apples and oranges. Slides such as “Larval migraines induced by vaccine,” not only lack a scientific citation, I couldn’t find any match over the entire Internet.

In the Q&A session, I asked a simple question, “131 ‘cured’ is the numerator, what is the denominator?” This resulted in Ms. Rivera and Dr. Kalcker blustering about how that number couldn’t be documented, and how it wasn’t really important. That begs the comment, “Well, if you don’t know how many have been treated in this manner, you also wouldn’t really know how many have experienced significant negative reactions.”

As expressed by top autism researcher, Dr. Martha Herbert, I do not believe that parents who attend these conferences are “gullible, dangerous, and/or don’t love their children, and the people who pass them off are snake oil salesmen.” I was there to learn about new ways to approach our most resistant patients, not to criticize. Advertising MMS in this manner is not the way to go about proposing innovative and controversial treatments. It promotes The Wakefield Effect.

Dismissing conventional medicine as being completely ignorant and challenging treatments from all sides takes strong scientific proof. Proof of concept in animal models and proof of efficacy and safety in appropriate human treatment trials. To be specific: no, I would not recommend this treatment for my patients. There is too much missing information. A few pictures of recovered children and parental testimonials should not sway a prudent professional.

At The Child Development Center, we have improved the lives of many of our patients by addressing and treating G-I health with a proven, safe, well-tolerated protocol. Nutritional status must be evaluated, treated and monitored. With appropriate behavioral therapies, child development gets on the right track.

For successful autism treatment, each piece in the puzzle has to fit into the bigger picture.

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12 Responses to “Miracle Mineral Solution Treatment for Autism”

  1. Laura Foster says:

    I wish I had known about this 4 years ago when my daughter would have been 10. Hopefully 14 is not too old for this treatment to be really effective!

    • Dr. Udell says:

      I’m not sure that was my conclusion… I met a mom recently who thought her 8 year old improved with this treatment. The therapy didn’t jump-start speech, but her attention and behaviors did improve. Mom said she had to give an oral dose every hour, though.

  2. Besnik B. Hamiti says:

    Is there is an option to make an appointment with Dr. Andreas.

    I have a nephew, and want to consult him.

    Thank you!

  3. Allsyon says:

    So, it’s interesting that you would trust the FDA for warnings on anything. They allow toxic prescription drugs to be passed through day after day. Just read the side effects on any major prescription drug. I’m not advocating this protocol, but I also wouldn’t turn to the FDA as an reputable source for information.

  4. Yohannie says:

    Dr. Udell as always your insight is spot on. So thankful to have you in our lives.

  5. Mary Altmann says:

    Because Chlorine Dioxide is cheap, effective, and safe, you think more doctors would be using it to treat disease. Dr. Klacker has two protocols on youtube for making Chlorine Dioxide solution, neither of which contain seawater or lemon juice. I am concerned your are portraying him in a negative light for political reasons. The Informed Consent Action Network “ICAN” just won a lawsuit against the Center for Disease Control “CDC” to release the studies they rely upon to make their broad and insistent claim that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”. They released 20 studies, none of which proved that vaccines do not cause autism. There is high criminality in their actions, and at this point forward, I do not see why those going along with the CDC’s fraudulent plans will not be held accountable.

    • Dr. Udell says:

      Dr. Klacker is a QUACK and Chlorine dioxide is bleach.
      Touting this method of ‘treatment’ only weakens our arguments that childhood vaccinations need more prospective studies and oversight to assure safety.

  6. Jaime Ruiz says:

    The Food and Drug industry don’t care about our health what they care about is to make money. There are thousands of foods and drugs with toxins elements and the FDA approve them. What is the main cause of diseases? poisoned foods and drugs.

    Every time somebody find an effective medicine that really cure and you don’t have to take it for the rest of your live and if it is cheap is not good for the FDA they will not approve it. Dr. Burzynski has a cure for Cancer and what the FDA did sued him. Many patients have testimony they were cured. The profit of Cancer business is too big do think they want people to be cured of Cancer? No! How much a Chemotherapy cost? What is the risk of Chemotherapy?

    You said “If FDA warn you about something, it must be really risky!” I will say “it must be not profitable”

    Why the FDA approve this drug? Should a Dr. prescribe this drug?
    Clarithromycin, also known as Biaxin, is an antibiotic used to treat certain bacterial infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis. The FDA is currently advising caution before prescribing Clarithromycin due the increased risk of fatal heart complications that can occur years later. In fact, consumers are at a 27% increased risk for cardiovascular death if they have taken Clarithromycin at some point in their lives. It is unclear why this medication causes such effects, but the risk of experiencing them is amplified when the drug is combined with calcium channel blockers, such as Lipitor.

    Our tap water can have one of these chlorine type:sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite.
    Conventional medicine says Autism does not have a cure but Dr. Kalcker has cured many patients.
    Conventional medicine doctors are trained to prescribe medication to alleviate the symptoms not to cure the root cause of the illness it is not profitable. There many diseases that can be cured but the system doesn’t allow the good people to do it as Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Kalcker.

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