Curcumin for Autism and ADHD

Turmeric plant

Turmeric plant

Over the past year, The Child Development Center has been successfully utilizing a natural supplement (Enhansa®) that appears to be improving the health of our patients’ gastrointestinal system, body and mind.

The turmeric plant and its product, curcumin, have been the subject of a number of media reports, lately. How can the preparation help patients with ADHD and ASD?

Turmeric subsoil stems>powder>curcumin molecule

Turmeric subsoil stems>powder>curcumin molecule

What it is
Turmeric is part of the ginger family, mostly known for its role as the main spice in curry. Curcuminoid compounds are utilized to treat a variety of medical conditions; including auto-immunity in the blood, rashes in the skin, problems with the gut, parasites within the body, and disorders of the liver, kidney, and brain.

Why it works
Many doctors ask, “How can one chemical help so many diverse conditions?”
An emerging theme in the practice of modern medicine is the ability of an affected body part to heal itself. Such a belief has been central to other therapeutic sciences for a long time. In that paradigm, natural substances that promote repair are at least as important as medicines that attack a presumed cause.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Given that the compound successfully accomplishes those tasks, improvements in the efficiency and function of any organ throughout the body should be understandable.

How it is administered
Various preparations have been marketed as the ‘best’ formulation; including pills, crushed, with/without taste, and offerings from numerous manufacturers. Powder with black pepper is popular.

Similar to most medications, it is best to go ‘low and slow’. As the patient displays individual tolerance to a given pattern, the dose and/or frequency can be adjusted.

We have received lots of emails describing a variety of results – mostly positive, some negative, all instructive:
I have noticed great improvements in cognition and language with your suggested supplement. She seems a little more irritable, but the the gains are so good.
-The curcumin has been amazing. Improved language and cognition. Significant improvements.
-He felt warm for two days, but never registered a fever. He is doing amazing in school! He is now sitting with the other kids and doing his seat work. According to the school staff, they have witnessed attempts to talk and word approximations. The ABA therapist visited him at school yesterday, and reported the same. She is extremely pleased with his progress, and we are as well. I’m going to send you a picture.
-Our child reacted well to the turmeric and LDN compound. At first we thought he had a reaction to it, but he was getting sick. We have continued on the path and he seems to be reacting nicely. He is babbling much more and mood has improved…
-This supplement has been amazing so far at 75 mg bid. Her focus and sustained attention and receptive language are much improved and all her therapists across the board have noticed!
-It has been amazing. Improved language and cognition. Significant improvements.

Side Effects
I also wanted to ask, his poop has turned yellowish, it used to be dark brown. Is this normal with the supplements?
Changes in the color of urine and stool are due to the intense yellow color.
Our child was on the product for two days and an intense rash developed around his eyes! I stopped giving it, and it is slowly getting better.
Rashes are the most common side effect, so far. Reducing the dose often improves the problem, but close medical supervision is paramount.

As with all medical interventions, your child should be under the care of an experienced practitioner who can make specific recommendations. It is impossible to test all brands. Patients and problems are so diverse that, generally, doctors stick with the supplements with which we become most familiar.

When given to the appropriate population, with close followup of the clinical course, adding curcumin to the treatment protocol appears safe, and can provide significant improvement for patients with ASD.


Cumin plant, powder, seeds

By the way
Curcumin is not cumin, which is a different spice that is derived from seeds. Both products are used in curry. They share many similar flavoring and medicinal properties.


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24 Responses to “Curcumin for Autism and ADHD”

  1. Yohannie says:

    Thanks for the article doctor. It was very instructive and it gives an idea as to what to expect while running this protocol.


    Hello, one of the emails from parents says that their child responded well to the “turmeric and LDN compound”, is this just one product containing both the turmeric and the LDN? and where can I find it? thank you very much.

  3. Jack Malinowski says:

    Any doctors recommended in Chapel Hill NC that will help with this treatment?

  4. Chrisitna Barshinger says:

    Great article! I shared this with family who had questions. Thanks for the information and also sharing patient feedback.

    I can’t wait to start our son on Enhansa! I also love turmeric as a cooking spice and to take orally. There are so many positive health benefits and I’m thinking it will help!

  5. fraser says:


  6. Ben says:

    I’ve been having issues with both low selfr-esteem and brain fog, and have read that the anti-imflamatory properties of curcumin can help with this. I have a bottle of turmeric capsules and wondering what do you recomend is an ideal dosage? I’m 29 years at approx 12st if that helps?


    • Dr. Udell says:

      I’m sorry… adults are a different department (unless they are my aging patents). Plenty of info on the web, though.

    • Lone-Ranger says:

      Hello dear reader. FYI , yes it has worked for my depression and brain fog the very first day I started taking turmeric. I am taking 500 mg of turmeric in capsule form, make sure it has pepper add it.

  7. Zeinab Ahmed says:

    I am using a curcumin with 95% curcumin IDs on my 13 yrs old 110lb autistic son. I was giving him a capsule every day for about two months and now started giving him 2 capsules. 2 capsules provide 1650 mg . Is that too little r two much.


    • Dr. Udell says:

      I’m not sure that there is an ‘effective/safe’ level for the supplement. Bowel tolerance should help with ?too much, while stool pattern, etc. might help with ? enough.

  8. Margaret says:

    Can you use as a spice

  9. Zeinab says:

    Thanks Dr Udell

  10. Raquel says:

    My daughter has been taking enhansa for 9 months. She got a minor rash at the beginning and stayed there on and off. Unfortunately, the rash has gone a little crazy and is spreading into her arms and legs.
    I still believe it helps her so much with awareness and language that I don’t want to stop it, but I need to do something with that rash. Do you have any suggestion?

    • Dr. Udell says:

      First, as always, I suggest that she see a doctor – ?could be something else?
      Second, try giving every other day, or less, and see if you get results, and whether the rash abates.

  11. Bimbo says:

    Pls can tumeric cause hyperactivity in ADHD and ASD


  12. Tasha says:

    I’ve been making my 4yo son who has ASD Tumeric Bliss balls, I also make them for our 1yo and myself. Myself I have noticed an improvement in my mood and energy. My sons I have noticed the same but for my 4yo. He is less irritable, clearly and calmly communicating and is able to make better choices. Kindy teachers have said the same. Turmeric is amazing, I’m glad I got into this while my boys are still little so their brains have the best start to life and learning. I wish more people believed me when I tell them it’s as simple as eating a Bliss Ball.

    • Sarah says:

      What is a bliss ball? Please post how you make it, or the link. 🙂

    • Joanne says:

      Hi there, I thought the above original article very interesting but I couldn’t see where it said how much turmeric to give your child with autism. Therefore, can I ask how much turmeric do you put in your Bliss Balls? I give my son a 1/8th tsp of turmeric paste daily in his bone broth. Thx Jo

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