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‘Tis the Season to be Yeasty

‘Tis the Season to be Yeasty

“Why does the yeast keep coming back? When will we be able to stop worrying about that?” Those are oft-repeated concerns from many parents of patients with ASD, who have noted remarkable improvements when their offspring no longer suffer from fungus. At...
Autism, Parkinson’s and Research

Autism, Parkinson’s and Research

11.23.14 This past weekend, a lavish fundraiser, benefitting the Michael J. Fox Research Foundation for Parkinson’s disease, was held in NYC. Earlier in the day, there was a roundtable of directors, doctors, researchers, patients, families, and...
Fish Oil for Autism and ADHD

Fish Oil for Autism and ADHD

It seems that the less that is scientifically certain about a nutritional supplement, the more Internet pages are devoted to convincing surfers about its value to your health. On the other hand, certain food additives hang on because they appear to have merit. Fish...
Autism Update

Autism Update

As a Board Member on the Autism Society – Broward County Chapter, I get the biyearly opportunity to speak to our local audience. The topic next week is “Recent Events in Autism Medicine, 2014.” This year marked the implementation of DSM-5.0. After a...
The War on Autism

The War on Autism

In the 1980’s, President Ronald Reagan declared a ‘War on Drugs‘. The Global War on Terrorism was pronounced after 09/11/01. Early in this century, Bush 2 joined the war on HIV/Aids. This week, Obama named an Ebola Czar. ADDENDUM – The COVID-19...
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