Vaccine Awareness

I can’t make this stuff up. One day after I pointed out that the CDC caused/found a ‘pseudo-epidemic‘, this report popped up on my Pediatric Radar Screen:

CDC vaccines for children might have been improperly stored

The Office of the Inspector General analyzed a sample of programs with the highest volume of vaccines ordered in 2010 and found that vaccines stored by 76% of providers were exposed to inappropriate temperatures for at least 5 cumulative hours over the 2 weeks. (No word on how many OVER that number of hours).

Medical News reporter Kristina Fiori story wrote, “Childhood vaccines administered via a free federal program may be inappropriately stored, which could affect their potency and efficacy, according to government inspectors… The American Academy of Pediatrics, which wasn’t involved in the study, said in a statement that it ‘encourages all practices to continue monitoring vaccine storage and handling… The AAP noted that despite these issues, the vaccines “were not found to be unsafe, and revaccination of children is not needed.”

So, the Academy, which wasn’t involved in the study, knows that the vaccines are safe. How do they know that?! The story went on to explain that although the potency could have been affected, the poor kids who got the stuff won’t have to get an extra shot. Hooray for those children. I wonder, though, if the shots were incorrectly stored and administered to a more affluent community, if the CDC would have made the same recommendations. I mean, they said the inoculation might not work. If the children need them so much, why wouldn’t they need the missing dose? Maybe it’s the $3.6 billion that is paid to those public programs.

Then, there is this statement: “The report also revealed that 13 providers stored expired vaccines together with unexpired ones, increasing the risk of handing out the wrong vaccine.” Are you kidding me? Has anyone gone out and looked at the outcome of those children who received the expired or incorrect products? We’re in the middle of an autism epidemic now, and this could be very important information. Does anyone think that the “studies that have shown vaccine safety” used old or incorrect product?

I won’t belabor this point any longer other than to officially complain that, as a pediatrician and as a citizen, I find this stuff appalling. As an advocate of sensible vaccination protocols, these kinds of revelations make it really difficult to convince the public that they are protected or safe.

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2 Responses to “Vaccine Awareness”

  1. Erwin Alber says:

    Thanks for this Brian!

    Here are some TV news items about this debacle:

    Vaccines Stored Improperly: Warning for Parents

    Vaccines found stored unsafely at many doctor’s offices

    Report: Most vaccines stored improperly.

    Vaccines Stored Improperly, Expired Doses Found By Recent Investigation

    Based on my research, I have arrived at the inevitable conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. As far as Iam concerned, the whole vaccine industry needs to be shut down to keep us and our children safe.

    • Dr. Udell says:

      I believe that a good place to start is with a schedule that existed when ASD was rare. The diseases that were prevented are real and cause a great deal of morbidity, if not mortality. Since that ain’t gonna happen, two things need to take place: 1) Better oversight by third=party watchdog scientists and 2) actual prospective, randomized, controlled studies to show that the schedules are safe.

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